Custom Oligo Synthesis Services

ITI BioChem is specialized in manufacturing oligos that are unmatched in quality and consistency for use in routine and specialized applications.
Oligonucleotides are short DNA or RNA molecules,which can be used in various biology and medical fields such as DNA sequencing, PCR, SNP study, gene synthesis, NGS service, qPCR service, biochip and siRNA expression. 
Different ways of purification and various types of modification oligo synthesis services are provided using high-quality raw materials and optimized processes. 
Competitive Advantages
Comprehensive Modifications and Labeling: from general modifications to fluorescent/non-fluorescent labeling, and even dual and multiple labeling;
Flexible Synthesis Scales: 5OD, 25OD, 50OD, 5 nmol, 25 nmol, 50 nmol, 100 nmol, 1 µmol, 5 µmol, and 10 µmol. Bulk orders are available upon request.
Experienced Production Team: with over 20 years of experience in oligo synthesis and modifications.
High Quality: comprehensive quality control report, HPLC & MS, other ways of purification please inquire.
Cost Effective: competitive prices, especially at 5 nmol scale and bulk orders up to 15 µmol.
Please inquire us if you want to know more detailed information about the modifications and purification we offer.