ORF Clone Constructing Service

ORF cloning refers to the extraction of total RNA from sample tissues or cells, reverse transcription, design and synthesis of specific primers, and amplification of the DNA sequence of the target gene by RT-PCR to obtain the DNA sequence encoding the full-length protein sequence: namely From the start code ATG to the stop codon, without 5'or 3'UTRs untranslated region) and intron sequences.
Technology application
 Study on the expression of target gene
 Functional study of genes and proteins

Our Features
 Covers multiple species such as human (33,000), mouse (25,000), rat (15,000), etc.
 Most cDNA clones have been completely sequenced and can provide detailed sequencing reports;
 Derived from high-quality cDNA library, the insertion region of foreign fragments is full-length transcript
 Ensure the accuracy of ORF sequence
 All cDNA cloned genes are NCBI standard
 Cloning makes it easy to store and amplify genes in E. coli

What we offer
 10 μg lyophilized cloned plasmid containing the gene of interest
 Sequencing results of the target gene Vector plasmid map
 QC report