Magnetic Particles

ITI BioChem is specialized in providing micro- and nanoparticles.
Magnetic particles are supramolecular particles that are small enough to circulate through capillaries without producing embolic occlusion, while   sufficiently susceptible (ferromagnetic) to be captured in micro-vessels and dragged into the adjacent tissues.
Magnetic particles today is growing very rapidly and has infinite applications in almost everything we do,which can be classified into any of various types, according to their size, shape, and material properties.
Therapeutic responses in target organs can be achieved by only small fraction of the free drug;
Better drug utilization will improve the bioavailability and reduce the incidence or intensity of adverse effects;
Controlled drug release within target tissues for prolonged therapeutic effect;
Reduce the dosing frequency and thereby improve the patient compliance;
They could be injected into the body due to the spherical shape and smaller size;
Microsphere morphology allows a controllable variability in degradation and drug release;
If you are interested in how micro- and nanoparticles could be used in your research, discovery and development projects, please contact us.