Fab Antibody

ITI BioChem is specialized in providing fab antibody, a region on an antibody that binds to antigens, which is composed of one constant and one variable domain of each of the heavy and the light chain.
Antibody fragments (Fabs), lacking the glycosylated Fc constant regions, have the advantage over whole antibodies in applications requiring rapid tissue penetration and rapid clearance from the blood or kidney. 
Using antigen-binding regions that have been separated from the Fc region reduces nonspecific binding that results from Fc interactions (many cells have receptors for binding to the Fc portion of antibodies). 
Small antigen-binding fragments generally provide higher sensitivity in antigen detection for solid-phase applications as a result of reduced steric hindrance from large protein epitopes.
Because they are smaller, antibody fragments more readily penetrate tissue sections, resulting in improved staining for immunohistochemical applications. 
Antibody fragments are the best choice for antigen-antibody binding studies in the absence of Fc-associated effector functions (e.g., complement fixation, cell membrane receptor interaction).
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