Plasmid DNA preparation service

We can provide fast, high-throughput, high-quality and personalized plasmid DNA preparation services. Not only to meet the needs of laboratory researchers for the preparation of small amounts of plasmid DNA, but also to provide large-scale plasmid DNA preparation services for bio-industry users and pharmaceutical companies.The strict control of the process and the final product ensures that the quality of the final product meets customer needs. We can provide scientific scale and industrial grade plasmid production services of different scales from μg level, mg level to g level to meet different needs.

We provide one-stop, low-cost, high-quality plasmid DNA preparation services. You can start with plasmid construction, or you can start with the materials provided by the customer to extract high-quality plasmid DNA. At the same time, it guarantees to meet the client's project deadline and plasmid preparation requirements of different sizes. It can provide high purity, transfection grade plasmid DNA from µg, mg to g level. Research-grade plasmid DNA can be applied to basic scientific research experiments such as molecular cloning, sequencing, site-directed mutation, library construction, gene expression, and gene editing.

Features and Benefits
 Expression clones driven by CMV promoter.
 Authentic cDNA transcripts from cells (no PCR artifacts)
 Provided as 10 ug of transfection-ready plasmid DNA
 Easy switch ORF with different tags or vectors via precisionShuttle
 Clone sets / collections available, pathways, gene families

Customer provided
 Plasmid (ensure purity, no pollution): minimum quantity ≥ 100 ng (indicate copy number), resistance, if the vector is special resistance, please provide antibiotics and antibiotic working concentration;          
 Bacterial solution (guaranteed activity, no pollution): resistance, plasmid copy number.