Single-Chain Variable Fragment

ITI BioChem is specialized in providing single-chain variable fragment (scFvs), which include parts of the variable regions of heavy (VH) and light chains (VL) fused together to form a single polypeptide.
 ScFv, a class of engineered antibodies generated by the fusion of VH and VL of immunoglobulins, connected with a short linker peptide of 10 to about 25 amino acids, is an antibody fragment. These functional proteins having both antigen-binding capacity and marker activity can be constructed from hybridoma. Currently, scFv plays a critical role in therapy and diagnosis of human diseases, and may in fact also be developed into a potential diagnostic and/or therapeutic agent.
In comparison to polyclonal antibodies or the hybridoma technology, scFv antibody may be easily manipulated for improving specificity and affinity, thereby reducing the production cost. 
Combing scFv with selection panning strategies, we were able to character the binding properties of scFv and investigate the potential use of these scFv as diagnostic tools or therapeutic agents. Our recombinant antibody (single-chain variable fragment, scFv-Fc) production services include: 
1. Synthesizing antibody variable regions (both VH and VL) or sequences ;
2. Construction, expression, and purification of scFv-Fc (choice of human or mouse IgG1-Fc backbone; other recombinant IgG-Fc construction is available upon request);
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